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Google’s Real Goal (Hint: It’s not what you think it is)

I’ve always believed (and have repeatedly stated on other sites) that Google’s goal with the organic search results is to return to searchers the most relevant and authoritative sites–given their query. But the other day, I was searching for new windows, and the quality (or lack thereof) of the organic results lead me to a [...]

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The Highs and Lows of Anchor Text as a Ranking Signal

The term “anchor text” refers to the words that are highlighted when one website links to another.  For example, if I’m writing a blog post about a great little Cuban café that I went to last night, the anchor text associated with the link here is “Cuban café”.

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Are SEOs Pulling a Lance Armstrong?

Doping and sports go together like your crazy uncle and a bottle of whiskey – you know you can’t have one without the other, and it’s best to just not think about it and enjoy the show. The latest bust-in-progress is against all-American hero Lance Armstrong, who’s currently being investigated for doping for pretty much [...]

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